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Concept and vision

Earlier this year we announced an Open Call looking for a creator to build an intercultural program for our spring festivities. The choice fell on the Flux Cultural Association, which was founded by the creative professionals Hamidreza Keshvarpajuh and Jens Heinström.

They share their vision:

“Our event idea is inspired by immersive theater, but adds new elements from different art forms. The goal for the Swedish Cultural Foundation’s spring festivities is to create an atmosphere where people and artists from various backgrounds can come together in three distinct venues.

Moving spontaneously between spaces in an unusual setup, attendees get to experience exhibitions, new media and performances, all while maintaining their anonymity by wearing masks. At Linking the (un)known, participants can expect unforeseen experiences and intimate encounters with art while exploring intercultural interactions and the richness of multilingualism.”

In April we will present the participating artists.

The program is intended for many different language groups and the entry is free and open for everyone. Keep in mind that you have to register beforehand. In case you are participating with a group of friends, everyone has to register separately.

Click here to register for Linking the (un)known – an Intercultural Art Experince.

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Jens & Hamid photographed by Jonathan Terlinden/Svenska kulturfonden.
Concept and vision