13.5.24   |   Evenemang


Read more about the installations below.

Kisko (Train installation)

Artist: Saku Liimatainen

An audiovisual installation that examines the encounter and development of cultures as ever-changing signals. At the heart of the installation is a miniature railway, where changes caused by the moving train in the electromagnetic field influence changes in the sound landscape. The visual aspect, on the other hand, is created by reflective materials installed on the train and around the track, transforming the train’s movements into a light projection. The encounter and development of cultures are in constant flux, giving rise to new thoughts and ideas, much like signals that have changed shape multiple times over time. Kisko installation seeks to embody this through electromechanical means.

Semimat Pesu (Laudry installation)

Artist: Saku Liimatainen

Semimat Pesu Sound Installation aims to emphasize the significance of laundromats as social and cultural environments. The installation consists of multiple washing machines, whose drum movements are controlled by digital sequencer. The sounds produced by the washing machines vary according to the “laundry” inside them, i.e., solid objects, and the rhythms created by the sequencer. Laundromats are rare environments where almost all customers share a common goal: clean laundry. However, sometimes forgotten items in pockets may manifest strongly as the machines carry out their programs. As environments, laundromats bring together various people and sometimes even animals, regardless of background.

Reflections in Motion

Artists: Monika Hauck & Otso Kauniskangas

Enter our interactive video booth and watch as the screen reflects more than just your image. Your movements trigger a blend of feedback and blurry effects, distorting reality before your eyes. It’s like seeing yourself through a mirror, where each gesture creates a mesmerizing ripple of change. Each movement sets off a chain reaction, altering the visual narrative in real-time, and prompting introspection into the fluidity of identity and the subjective nature of perception. Discover how perspective shapes reality as you engage with this dynamic visual adventure, prompting contemplation on the essence of self and interpretation in an engaging and immersive encounter.

Feedback is a process where information is transmitted from the output of a system back to its input. It is prevalent across various systems and disciplines, and its mechanisms can be found in various domains, including biology, ecology, social systems, engineering, economics, computer sciences and sound synthesis. Feedback systems are chaotic and causal, where seemingly unpredictable results can follow simple initial states, and small changes can have massive consequences. Every chaos system has its resonance point – a strange attractor – where noise and randomness become tones and shapes.


Artist: Jonatan Snapir

The installation reveals the voices of electronic devices that surround us in our modern world. These devices generate a constant stream of signals that are inaudible to us. This new form of language radiates from our pockets, homes and cities, transcending national and cultural boundaries. In this installation the audience members are invited to explore this language through their own devices. The system translates their voices into things that we can experience, sound and light.


Bring any electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, smart watch etc.) close to the ear of the system. The system will let you hear any signals radiating from that device. The signals are very localized so try to place a different spot of the device onto the ear and hear the changes. Four people can interact with the system at the same time.

This “language” of electronic devices is one that radiates from our pockets, homes and cities and transcends cultural borders. The piece brings this language for the audience to explore and experience through sound and light.

Mass Invection 

Artists: Monika Hauck & Otso Kauniskangas

Technical Production Assistance: Tina Cerpnjak

Mass Invection is a new media environment that transforms audio recordings and physical touch into an ever-changing audiovisual ecosystem that fluctuates based on human inputs. As human contributions are made, the system digests and re-forms the samples as biomorphic entities which slowly take over the walls and the audio spectrum in the space.

Mass Invection emerged from an experiment to collaborate with machines and using digital intervention to interpret human sentiments and senses. It is an attempt to visualize the conversion of human language by artificial intelligence. The visual aspect features similarities to mould and bacteria, rapid cellular growth slowly reclaiming the walls. Over the course of the evening the overall mood will be apparent through the colour, movement and behaviour of the cells individually and as a group. The audio that is contributed also merges with the soundscape, anonymized and mixed, broken and fragmented. 

Mass Invection slowly consumes the walls, using human sentiments as nourishment. As it takes over guests might consider how our thoughts and words impact our environment. How does the energy we exude through verbal and physical language impact our surroundings? And further with the machine interface, how might our thoughts and feelings be translated and interpreted in the future? 

We invite guests to interact with this installation in the following two ways:

  1. Record audio sound bites that will be anonymously effected through audio processing and contribute to an ever-changing soundscape and accompanying visuals 
  2. Tapping the touch plates to see what happens  


  1. PRESS and HOLD the button to record. It will stop recording automatically after 10 seconds. 
  2. SPEAK and share a feeling, a complaint, a happy thought, a weird dream, a momentary memory. 

(what you share will only be shared with us, your secrets are safe with us, but parts will join the whole)

Don’t be hateful or discriminate. 

One at a time and when you are done, please wait a moment before sharing again.

We are machines but still need some time to digest. 

Let us take your anger and your fright, your sadness and shame. 

Whisper sweet and brightly and we will show you so too. 

We value your contribution.