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Artistic Directors

Earlier this year we announced an Open Call looking for a creator to build an intercultural program for our spring festivities. The choice fell on the Flux Cultural Association, which was founded by the creative professionals Hamidreza Keshvarpajuh and Jens Heinström.

Hamidreza Keshvarpajuh

Born in Iran, Hamidreza Keshvarpajuh is an artist, curator and event producer rooted in Tehran’s alternative art scene. He presents his diverse projects at festivals and art events, aiming to connect with people through his creations.

In 2021, he switched his studies from architecture in Tehran to Arts Management & Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. This pivotal shift deepened his understanding of art’s interplay with society and urban spaces. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, he curates experimental events blending music, sound, performance art, and new media, all while aiming to break artistic limits through international collaborations.

Keshvarpajuh also co-founded the Flux Cultural Association to support experimental art, offering a platform for artists worldwide to share ideas and work on innovative projects.

Hamidreza Keshvarpajuh photographed by Jonathan Terlinden/Svenska kulturfonden.

Jens Heinström

In the areas of art and cultural entrepreneurship, Jens Heinström combines his diverse skills as a creative professional, conceptual director and student at Uniarts. In this project he mixes his knowledge of Arts Management, society and creative entrepreneurship, while aiming for innovation.

Co-founding the Flux Cultural Association, alongside collaborator Hamidreza, Jens channels his visionary spirit into shaping innovative platforms for artistic expression. He is also a founding member of music and art association Skumt and music collective NEHA, both which use unusual spaces like abandoned buildings for their events.

He has also worked with both the Göteborg Film Festival and the Helsinki Film Festival. Furthermore, he has contributed to a vibrant dialogue workshop in Santa Fé, USA. The workshop supports emerging musicians and composers, encouraging new music and collaboration.

Jens Heinström photographed by Jonathan Terlinden/Svenska kulturfonden.

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Artistic Directors