Här hittar du information om Svenska kulturfondens aktuella seminarier och andra evenemang. Samtidigt kan du anmäla dig till de olika tillställningarna.

Program och anmälningar


Inlärningssvårigheter hos finlandssvenska barn - har vi rätt mätmetoder? 20.3.2015

Minority Arts - No Minor Issue - Bryssel 4.3.2015



Hans Ruin-tävlingen




PISA-seminarium 2014

Satya Brinks presentation

Heidi Harju-Luukkanens presentation

Bob Karlssons presentation

* * *

Läsglädje april 2014

Satya Brinks presentation (pdf)

Eivor Sommardahls presentation (Powepoint)


Brysselseminarium 13.11.2013: Education - a life changing experience

Satya Brink
Miquel Strubell
Markku Peura
Jeroen Darquennes
Ildiko Vanco
Fulup Travers
Beate Brezan
Barbro Högström & Laila Andersson


* * *

Brysselsseminarium 13.11.2012: Its up to the Majority

Belén Bernaldo de Quirós         
Ann Beynon
Jonas Holmqvist
István Horváth
Aki Lindén
Siegrid Pescoller
Radio Mittendrin
Arne Rustemeier

* * *

EUSTORY Youth Academy 2013 in Finland

EUSTORY – the History Network for Young Europeans –is a European network of independent civic organisations that carry out historical research competitions for young students at the age of 13 to 19.  The Finnish part of the competition is coordinated by the Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland and financed by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.
Prizewinners from all national history competitions in Europe are given the possibility to participate in international EUSTORY Youth Academies organised annually in different countries belonging to the network.  In the autumn of 2013 the Academy will be arranged in Finland with the following theme: “World War as a turning point in Europe: From the external to the internal wars”. During eight days 23 participants from 18 European countries will take part in seminars and workshops, visit historical sites and organisations and together develop own projects relating to the theme of the Academy.

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